Back Pain

  • "Approximately 2 years ago, I woke to such debilitating lower back pain I could not even walk. My doctor suggested physical therapy with which I followed through for about 4 months. Almost a year later, I had a relapse and was back in for 3 months of physical therapy. The results were always short lived. A co-worker recommended Dr. Kennard and, at that point, I thought I had nothing to lose. I began treatment approximately 10 months ago starting with visits 3 times a week. I am currently seeing Dr. Kennard once a month mostly for preventative and maintenance purposes. It has been a long journey to recovery since my initial pain 2 years ago but coming to Dr. Kennard was the answer for me. It has been a long time since my back has felt consistently pain free and I’m very grateful! Thank you for everything!"
    J. Hartman
  • "Before seeing Dr. Kennard I did not believe in Chiropractors. My husband told me to just try it before they wanted to operate on my spine. Thank God I listened to my husband, as after the first 2 weeks of treatments I felt a lot of relief. Dr. Kennard has done wonders for me and my posture. I will probably see Dr. Kennard on a regular basis the rest of my life. Thank you Dr. Kennard and all of the Staff for making me a believer."
    Tammy S.

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