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Covid-19 Virus 

& your Health at KCPT

Date: 3/14/2022

Dear Patient,

Hoping this notice finds you and your loved ones in good health.  I am committed to serving and keeping our patients and community as healthy as possible.  Please be assured that your well-being and that of our employees is my highest priority. We are allowed to treat all patients as long as we follow the guidelines and protocols of the Department of Health and CDC and, "we are".  I am available for any questions and for free phone consultations on my cell phone 410-262-8248.

Triad Air Purifier

triad air In order to keep our patients and staff as safe as possible, we've installed the Triad Air Purifier in our office. The needlepoint ionization creates a stream of negative ions that circulate to collect dust, dander, and other particles, clumping them together and removing them from common breathing spaces. Advanced photo catalytic oxidation and scalable purification via a UV light module work to break down odors, mold, and bacteria -- even viruses!  We also have three large UV-C lights that are turned on occasionally to sanitize the whole clinic.   Together, both processes work to improve the air quality of our office, leading to a more enjoyable visit overall. To learn more, please visit

We are open Mondays, through Thursday, 7:00 am. to 6:30pm. and Fridays 7:00 am. to 5:00 pm  We will have strict adherence to the Department Of Health guidelines.  Please follow CDC guidance and contact your primary care physician with any concerns related to COVID-19 (see links below).  

In an effort to reduce risk we are asking the following of you:

  • Wearing a mask is your choice. We will be wearing a mask.   
  • Sanitize your hands once you arrive inside the clinic.  
  • It is encouraged you leave your credit card information on file, so as to avoid vector contamination.
  • Required forms need to be completed in advance online. 

We now have a $30 no show and cancellation fee if the office is not notified within 24 hours of your appointment day and time.

I looking forward to continuing to support you in achieving optimal health during this time and always.

Should you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to call my cell at 410-262-8248.

Yours in Continued Good Health,

Dr. Ross Kennard

Boost your immune System

It is your body and specifically, your immune system that impacts whether you suffer symptoms of the Coronavirus.  By keeping your immune system strong, you have a better chance at fighting it and other infections.  Here are some ways you can keep your immune system strong:

  • Stand tall and create a positive feedback loop of mind and body.  If you would like a good video to watch on how the chemical body works with posture, watch Ted Talks with Amy Cuddy.  
  • Reduce stress through exercise and meditation 
  • Get a good night’s rest.  If you have difficulty sleeping try a hot bath before bed or read a good book.
  • Keep up with your vitamins, especially D3 and C
  • Use immune boosters: Echinacea, Goldenseal, Zinc
  • Be careful and wise with alcohol consumption.

Ultimately, our exposure to the coronavirus is a given at some point. How our bodies respond to that exposure is the entire issue between getting sick and staying well.

As we stay up-to-date about COVID-19, the Maryland Chiropractic Board offers these resources:

CDC and World Health Organization information


MDH COVID-19 Website


Governor's Coronavirus Guidance

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We are always striving to stay on top of new technology and provide our patients with a convenient and enjoyable office visit. If you don't have a great experience we are not doing our job. We have some new updates to our office and are excited to share with you.

  • Growing Practice:  Since we opened in 2008 we have had solid and steady growth in the community.  We are honored and thankful for all the patients who have put there care in our hands. 
  • New Software: We have updated our software to provide a new way of checking in, staying on top of your treatment plan and paying your bill with our new patient portal.
  • Upgraded Equipment: We have added some new pieces of equipment and machines to help you on your journey to becoming the best you!  

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